Derail Lifting Lever For 3/4 in Thick Derail Block


A derail lifting lever is a device used to manually activate a derail on a railway track. A derail is a safety device that is installed on railway tracks to prevent trains from accidentally running off the rails and causing accidents or collisions.

The derail lifting lever is typically located near the track and consists of a long lever arm that is used to activate the derail. When the lever arm is pulled, it activates the derail, causing a metal plate to rise up from the track and push against the train’s wheels, derailing it and bringing it to a stop.

The purpose of the derail lifting lever is to allow railway personnel to quickly and safely stop a train in the event of an emergency. This can be especially important in situations where a train is approaching a section of track that is damaged or obstructed, or if there is a risk of a train colliding with another object or vehicle on the tracks.